Widowed Young

Exchanging vows that day, the world was filled with possibilities … the optimism and dreams of a future life … a family and shared experiences for years to come. That day, no one expects to be Widowed Young.

Though it may feel like it, you are not alone.

If you’ve recently lost a loved one and are struggling with the ache
of profound sadness and those impossible emotions from your
loss, there are resources available
to you on this website.

Understanding Your Loss

Young widowhood is a shattering and life-changing event with many challenges. These struggles are incredibly demanding, and particularly unique, for younger widowers and widows like you trying to navigate through such a shocking and unexpected loss.

If you have started a family, managing your own grief as well as that of your children, along with the typical and constant demands of parenthood, can be particularly challenging, especially now that you’re both Mom and Dad.

If you are facing this kind of loss and have not yet begun a family, or perhaps have chosen not to have children, you may feel even more alone living without any physical connection to your spouse.

You may struggle with inadequate support because you have moved away from family to other states to pursue

your education, career or relationship. Homesickness can become yet another burden when you feel like you have no one who really understands.

As you look to the future with the hope of starting a new life, you may struggle with feelings of guilt or “disloyalty” at the prospect of dating again or embracing a new relationship. But you can feel better; you can start to heal.

You Will Feel Better

As you begin to put the shattered pieces of your life together it may seem like an overwhelming task, but one day you will feel better and be able to move forward with life again. You learn this as you connect with others who have been through it and have not only survived, but thrived.

On this website, you will meet grief survivor and psychotherapist Judith R. Burdick, M.A., L.L.P., who also has experienced young loss like you. At that time, trying to overcome the loss of her husband, Judith found a severe lack of resources. She has since dedicated her life to developing resources and tools to help others struggling with young widowhood. You will benefit from her experiences and knowledge on the blog and learn from others through her film, Young and Widowed: A Documentary.