Widowed Young

Judith Burdick's commitment
to helping people has
propelled her to expand and
develop new and better
ways to help grieving
individuals get through
these life-altering events.

Judith R. Burdick: A Young Widowed Survivor

Judith R. Burdick

A grief survivor herself, Judith R. Burdick, M.A., L.L.P., began her journey in understanding grief and loss when, at the young age of 31 with two small children, her husband of 10 years was killed in a scuba diving accident. She found herself alone with only her small children, entirely overwhelmed and unprepared for what her life, and their lives, had suddenly become.

In 1991, living thousands of miles away from family and friends in California, she knew one thing: she needed to find a way to get through this tragic loss. She searched for what meager help was available then, though none of it focused on the impact of such grief on young survivors like her. So began her quest for healing, both for herself and her children.

Her journey ultimately brought her back home to Michigan, where she re-enrolled at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, earning her bachelor's degree in psychology and then her master's in Clinical Psychology at The Center for Humanistic Studies in Detroit.

Today, she is helping many others, particularly those who have been Widowed Young, navigate the grief process and the steps toward ultimate healing.

She started her own psychotherapy practice, which is dedicated to individuals with a wide range of emotional and psychological issues, though she primarily focuses on providing individual and group therapy grief support.

Sought out for her particular expertise in grief and loss, Judith has developed and facilitated programs for Hospice of Michigan and other organizations, as well as grief workshops, which focus on the healing needs of younger widows and widowers.

Judith Burdick's commitment to helping people has propelled her to expand and develop new and better ways to assist grieving individuals in getting through these life-altering events. There are tools and resources available to the bereaved, and Judith helps people find their way to get peace back in their lives.